Why don't my soaps look identical?

A quick word on the manufacturing process - these are handmade items and as such each individual bar will have variations in design and stamping. Not all the bars will be perfect - actually most won't be! expect some defects.  Also, some textures and other differences naturally occur as part of the soap making process. For instance a "film" referred to as soda ash will sometimes form on the top of the soap or interior swirls called glycerin rivers. Neither of which affect the quality of the soap but create unique variations.  It's part of the charm of receiving a handmade item!

Lastly, Roaring Creek is always trying to improve our designs and reserve the right to change the design or recipe of our products at any time.  Although we will try our best to provide updated photos and ingredients when design changes have been made, there may be times when the photo does not reflect the design that is available, although the scent will be the same as previous orders.

Are fragrance oils and essential oils the same?

No, although essential oils are a great natural ingredient for soaps, they are not always economical. That is why Roaring Creek uses fragrance oils which are either man made or a combination of both. Fragrance oils are generally less expensive, have a longer shelf life, keep their fragrance longer, and are available in a huge variety of unique and fun combinations unavailable in essential oils. 

Why are your products more expensive online?

We provide discounts for shows and product pickup, unavailable for shipped items, solely based on the convenience of having local customers.

Do I have to worry about shipping?

Sometimes there is damage that unintentionally occurs during shipping. Contact us if the damage is significant. 

Another possible hazard is temperature. Soap is made from a combination of oils. Therefore, they can have a relatively low melting point. (Imagine chapstick in your car on a hot day) Roaring Creek Bath Co is not responsible for damaged or melted soap as a result of packages being left out in hot climates. They may start to soften in temperatures 100 degrees or above so plan accordingly.

Keep these things in mind, contact us with other questions, but above all, THANK YOU for supporting my small business!